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Egyptian Literature

User: silviya
Egyptian Literature
The Wonders Of Egyptian Archæology Are The Latest And Most Precious
Harvest Of Scholars And Explorers. From Belzoni To Flinders Petrie There
Has Been A Succession Of Discoveries In the Valley Of The Nile With Which
It Is Hard For Ordinary Students To Keep Pace. Our Knowledge Of Egyptian
Life To-Day Is Far Clearer And More Complete Than Bentley’S Or Porson’S
Acquaintance With The Antiquities Of Greece And Rome, And We Have Far More
Complete Access To The Treasures Of Egyptian Literature Than Dante Or
Thomas Aquinas Had To The Remains Of Attic Poets And Mystics. We Know
Exactly How An Egyptian Of The Twelfth Dynasty Dressed; What Was The
Position Of Women In egypt; And What Uniform Was Worn By The Egyptian
Soldiers Who Took Part In the Campaign Against Khitasis.

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