Booker T. Washington (Fiscle Part-X) Builder Of A Civilization

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Booker T. Washington (Fiscle Part-X)   Builder Of A Civilization
It Came About That In the Year 1880, In macon County, Alabama, A
Certain Ex-Confederate Colonel Conceived the Idea That If He Could
Secure The Negro Vote He Could Beat His Rival And Win The Seat He
Coveted in the State Legislature. Accordingly, The Colonel Went To The
Leading negro In the Town Of Tuskegee And Asked him What He Could Do
To Secure The Negro Vote, For Negroes Then Voted in alabama Without
Restriction. This Man, Lewis Adams By Name, Himself An Ex-Slave,
Promptly Replied that What His Race Most Wanted was Education And What
They Most Needed was Industrial Education, And That If He (The
Colonel) Would Agree To Work For The Passage Of A Bill Appropriating
Money For The Maintenance Of An Industrial School For Negroes, He
(Adams) Would Help To Get For Him The Negro Vote And The Election.
This Bargain Between An Ex-Slaveholder And An Ex-Slave Was Made And
Faithfully Observed on Both Sides, With The Result That The Following
Year The Legislature Of Alabama Appropriated $2,000 A Year For The
Establishment Of A Normal And Industrial School For Negroes In the
Town Of Tuskegee. On The Recommendation Of General Armstrong Of
Hampton Institute A Young Colored man, Booker T. Washington, A Recent
Graduate Of And Teacher At The Institute, Was Called from There To
Take Charge Of This Landless, Buildingless, Teacherless, And
Studentless Institution Of Learning.

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