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Lexi's Baby Sitter

User: Mantra
Lexi's Baby Sitter








A Man’s Best Friend happened to be no other but a dog. 

Everywhere he went, his best friend followed him with an unwavering banner of loyalty with or without a collar and a leach as symbolized by the non-verbal communication of the constant tail wagging… 




Beware all ye readers, for this is an anti-hero story where man becomes the antagonist and dog becomes the protagonist in the natural setting OF THE WILD HABITATION OF HUMANITY


The Poet Emmanuel Kojo Baah presents






Yes sometimes, a dog dreams, and becomes a hero. 


And sometimes a dog gets on the nerves of a man. 


A dog could make a man angry like a nagging little kid. 


A dog could whimper. 


A dog could howl like a wolf. 


And the most scary, intimidating and annoying sound of all that a dog could make is barking. 


Hark. A dog harks, and spits, and grinds all of its canines together, ready to tear up any Frankenstein and nibble the bones clean, especially when put on hunger strike. 


This story is set in Ghana, in Africa, for the convenience of the author’s cinematic aspirations and artistic endeavors to represent it in his filmmaking career. The site where the action and sequence of events had taken place might also peak the curiosity of AIC Education’s Annual Changemaker  Challenge participants. 


The setting is also motivated in serving the purpose of exposing Heritage Academy Farm’s Sustainable Agricultural Site, whose previous manager, was called Appoo Brim. 

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