Inner animal.

sequel to Shift Von:
Inner animal.
(Warning! Do not read this if you have not read my book 'Shift' Thank you!)
Her name is Nina Flare Meline, and she is a shifter, Nina meets her biological parents after eighteen years of living with her adoptive mother and finds out what she is, what happens when she goes home and meets Bane, an attractive boy who happens to be her mate?

Bane, everyone knows him as the trouble maker at the sanctuary, the one always taking risks and causing fights, he is drop dead gorgeous and everyone knows it, your regular bad boy, but what happens when Nina comes into his life?

Bane, Nina, Rebel, Shifter, Love, Mates, Jaikoren
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Yeah update plzz

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is there a sequal to instant enemies ? i really like what i have read so far

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Are you going to make a sequel? Or an update?

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