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Burning Love.

Book One of The Fire Of Love series. Von:
Burning Love.
Skylar grey. twenty five years old, Blonde hair, blue eyes, and absolutely beautiful. After moving back to her home town of Sabadell, trying to escape from her violent Ex-husband, her apartment is burned down and she has no place to live .
Daniel Rodney Havens. Twenty eight years old, dark brown hair,and chocolate brown eyes. He pulled her from the apartment building and saved her life. He then offers to let her live with him. Will he be able to protect her from her husband? And will they soon become more to each other than they expected?

Please friend me if you'd like to know when I update. I hope you enjoy!

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Fire Of Love."
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Burning Love.
Book One of The Fire Of Love series.
Living In Flames.
Book two of the Burning Love Series.
Love, protection, fireman, ex-husband.
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When do you plan on making your next book for the series?! This book is amazing. I loved it. Hot damn! that Daniel is gorgeous. Look forward to more readings from you :D

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Gelöschter User

Good book but I just hate when the people get raped but your book is still awesome

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I love this book to the author you are an amazing writer very talented I can't wait to get started on book two but anyway amazing job I added it to my favorites

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