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My Irish Roots

User: emmy41
My Irish Roots
All she wanted was to go to school. That’s it! Go to school, get her PhD in hotel management and then take over for her grandmother, who Co- owned the biggest hotel chain in the world with her grandfather, and had already promised to make her CEO. She was the first in line for the deal, after all. Her parents where dead and according to her grandfather, who’d passed when she was 18, her fathers illegitimate son- who was a few years older then her- wouldn’t be getting the job. She literally had it in her hands as soon as she finished out college, or sooner if her grandmothers hints where to be believed.

That all changes after the horrible house fire. It destroyed their original home, the mansion in Denmark Ireland. It also kills her eighty year old grandmother. At 20, Willow (Jane) Rose is expecting to have to take over the family business, is preparing for the stress of being the sudden CEO of a muilti-trillion dollar company. She also prepares to deal with Temperamental cousins and Aunts and Uncles expecting the job themselves.

Oh boy is she in for a surprise.

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nice book

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