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Misery is my name

User: emmy41
Misery is my name
Misery Grace Hope has been moving from foster home to foster home since she was six. she is now in a remote town in New Jeresy, called the Hallows. she's long exepted the fact that she's never going to be loved, but her foster brother, Chess, is determened to change her mind.

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Christiana Hinojosa

Update please

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Really loved the book hope u make a sequel pls do I want them to get back together. Loved it so much!

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Really good book.. At the beginning a got lost multiple times on who was speaking what but then a I figured it out. Looking forward to your future update,

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Linda McNee

wow! This is an awesome book please make another book! Please message me ASAP when u do. I really love this book! :D

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wow cant wait to see his reaction to thee not...will he do the same as her other brothr? who knows? continue and sh relinds m of me everything beside the foster and cutting thing

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dude you should totally finish this AND KEEP ME UPDATED!!!!!!!!!! plz wit sugar dumped all over it.

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