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Clare Avery A Story Of The Spanish Armada (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
Clare Avery A Story Of The Spanish Armada (Fiscle Part-X)
"The Mossy Marbles Rest
On The Lips He Hath Pressed
In Their Bloom,
And The Names He Loved To Hear
Have Been Carved For Many A Year
On The Tomb."

_Oliver Wendell Holmes_.

"Cold!" Said The Carrier, Blowing On His Fingers To Keep Them Warm.

"Cold, Bully Penmore!" Ejaculated Hal Dockett,--Farrier, Horse-Leech,
And Cow-Doctor In Ordinary To The Town Of Bodmin And Its
Neighbourhood... "Lack-A-Daisy! Thou That Hast Been Carrier These
Thirty Years, And Thy Father Afore Thee, And His Father Afore Him, Ever
Sith `Old Dick Boar' Days, Shouldst Be As Hard As A Milestone By This

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