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After her mom being killed by her principal, Kari is never going to be okay. She was only ten years old. I was looking through the window of the back of my house. He took my mother by the throat, and was choking her for about five seconds, then I could see he was laughing, as he broke my mother's neck. His name was Jack Fettle. And he will come back.

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Faywood, NM

Nunes' personal loyalty to Trump supersedes any responsibility he feels to the
US Constitution. He would make a fine banana republic ""legislator.""

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

I, personally, have experienced food insecurity. My family always tries to buy
enough food to satisfy everyone, though it comes at a serious cost financially
every week. I see people at school complaining about the school lunches all
the time, throwing milk across the campus, smashing oranges or apples on the
main building exterior, throwing out entire salads, and more. Every time I see
it, I cringe harshly,... mehr anzeigen

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