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England And Germany (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
England And Germany (Fiscle Part-X)
During the Memorable Space Of Time That Separates Us From The Outbreak
Of The Catastrophic Struggle, Out Of Which A New Europe Will Shortly
Emerge, Events Have Shed a Partial But Helpful Light On Much That At
The Outset Was Blurred or Mysterious. They Have Belied or Confirmed
Various Forecasts, Fulfilled some Few Hopes, Blasted many Others, And
Obliged the Allied peoples To Carry Forward Most Of Their Cherished
Anticipations To Another Year'S Account. Meanwhile The Balance As It
Stands Offers Ample Food For Sobering reflection, But Will Doubtless
Evoke Dignified resignation And Grim Resolve On The Part Of Those Who
Confidently Looked for Better Things.

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