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Winter Break

User: elshahawk
Winter Break
Kate hopes winter break will bring some peace to her troubled life, but it brings so much more!

winter, poetry, contest, love, story
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Enjoyed reading the story in the poems. I have never seen a snow fall but your poems brought it before my eyes.

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You are officially my favorite on bookrix! :D

Very favorite was Furnace "His chiseled body so fine!" LOL

You are very talented! please let me know when u post more stuff THANKS :D

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I put the titles in to link the works with winter themes. I tried to include elements of the titles, be it skiing or melting, in each poem.
I'm glad it read like prose for you, that is what I intended. :)

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Very visual and full of emotion. It took me back a few years, when young love was so fresh and exciting...
I liked the way you followed a trail...(often using clothing as the theme for your next poem)
Very good job.


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Well what else is important to teenage girls? lol. Thanks for your comment!

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I can't wait to upload some other works! Your positive comments are what help me keep going.

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I'm so glad my formatting is not detracting from the substance in my book.. and I wanted to do something different. I need to learn how to edit these books..

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