To love your enemy Von:
Sapphire Greene is an orphan, she never thought she was that important. But things have changed. On her sixteenth birthday she changes in a way she never expected - now she has been captured … by wolves

werewolves, love, enemies, orphan
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I understand this story is no longer being updated but I had to stop reading after it went from 'mildly descriptive and somewhat mature' to 'l33t teen emoji speak'. I feel like you were writing from the heart at one point then you forgot you were writing a fiction and not your diary entry. It was entertaining but I can't help cringing at whatever this story became. Were you just making fun of all werewolf stories, adding... mehr anzeigen

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Hello, im sorry its been so long. I havent had internet connection in a very long time so i wasnt able to update. But i have just got a laptop and have made a small update now. enjoy x

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