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Rataplan (Fiscle Part-9)

User: silviya
Rataplan (Fiscle Part-9)
In One Of The Thick, Shady And Tangled Forests Of Ceylon A Fine,
Fully-Grown Elephant Was One Day Standing Moodily By Himself. His Huge
Form Showed High Above The Tangled Brushwood, But His Wide, Flat Feet
And Large, Pillar-Like Legs Were Hidden In The Thick Undergrowth.

He Was Not Standing Still, However--For No Elephant Has Ever Been
Known To Do That Yet--His Massive, Elongated Head, With Its Wide, Flat
Ears, Its Long, Snake-Like, Flexible Trunk, Its Magnificent Pair Of
Ivory Tusks And Its Ridiculous, Little Eyes Moved Gravely To And Fro--
Up And Down--In A Wearied But Restless Manner.

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