Life And Gabriella The Story Of A Woman's Courage

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Life And Gabriella The   Story Of   A Woman's Courage
After A Day Of Rain The Sun Came Out Suddenly At Five O'clock And Threw
A Golden Bar Into The Deep Victorian Gloom Of The Front Parlour. On The
Window-Sill, Midway Between The White Curtains, A Pot Of Blue Hyacinths
Stood In A Cracked China Plate, And As The Sunlight Shone Into The Room,
The Scent Of The Blossoms Floated To The Corner Where Gabriella Was
Patiently Pulling Basting Threads Out Of The Hem Of A Skirt. For A
Minute Her Capable Hands Stopped At Their Work, And Raising Her Smooth
Dark Head She Looked Compassionately At Her Sister Jane, Who Was
Sitting, Like A Frozen Image Of Martyrdom, In The Middle Of The Long
Horsehair Sofa. Three Times Within The Last Twelve Months Jane Had Fled
From Her Husband's Roof To The Protection Of Her Widowed Mother, A Weak

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