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Virgin Stepbrother (Book 1)

Virgin Stepbrother (Book 1)

Hot Stepbrother Taboo: Panty-wetting Story for Tonight...

Katie spent the summer abroad, studying art in Europe while her mother Maria and younger husband Joel enjoyed whatever it was they did together.

Katie was sent off to a girl's school when she was younger, and her mother Maria went through husbands like they were chewing gum.

The current husband, Joel, was younger, only 27, muscular, sexy, and someone Katie would date, not her surgically altered mother who refused to accept she was pushing 40.

The last time she seen Joel, she was only 15, and he was 23. Now that she's 19, all grown up, when she comes home from her trip abroad, things are bound to heat up between them.

What's going to happen?

LOOK INSIDE to find out now!

This collection is only suitable for readers of age 18 or above.




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hey, i'm over 18 and it still won;t let me read it

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why can't I download......

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