Loving Bella

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Loving Bella
"Bella!" They both called her name at the same time. Mentally she slumped. "God give me strength...." Turning to face the two fast approaching guys she grimaced. Mason and Jake were at it again. Vying for her attention and she knew pretty soon she was about to be held protectively by whichever of the two reached her first and fought over. She felt a tear fall down her cheek while both Mason and Jake had placed their hands around the sides of her waist. Suddenly everything turned black.

Love, Drama, Bella
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When will you update??

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Thank you all for those who have saved "Loving Bella" to their favorites. As you can tell I have not finished the work and have not touched in in quite a long time. I will be placing this book into the "vault" for 'renovations'. I will finish this book for you guys and it will definitely be better I promise, but its going to have to take some time. Thanks! Kisses .xx.

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Hey guys,

I hope you all like the book. As you can tell I'm not finished with it yet but I will add more as soon as I can! :)

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