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The Nearly People

two realities, one horrific fate Von:
User: echi36
The Nearly People
In Sam's world, only one neighborhood is known to him and everyone else: their own. Here, people are given no answers. No science is taught, no history is taught, and everyone, except Sam, is perfectly content with their existence. what is beyond his community, and what is the ultimate truth?

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Great beginning to what promises to be an unusual tale of an almost scary futuristic world. Enjoyed it so far.

Wichtiger Beitrag

yes, they do pay for their food. if it's confusing, I'll try to think of ways to make it more clear. thanks for the comment :)

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Heather Fledderus (geordiriker)

i am confused, but probably because you haven't writtn enough for things to be confirmed. do the people in chapter two pay for their food, because i got the impression that they didn't.

keep writing! it has a lot of potential to become something good.

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This is merely a sample of a book I am currently working on. More is coming soon!

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