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Web Hosting Secrets

Tips That Will Make You A Guru Von:
User: RCP
Web Hosting Secrets

The web hosting business is saturated with web hosting companies competing for your business. You'll find everything from huge companies hosting hundreds of thousands of web sites, to the small reseller operating out of Mom's garage. So how can you make an educated decision with all those options? All web site hosting companies tend to have some similarities, although their main sales arguments are normally focused on two things; cost and bandwidth. 

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All of us know that higher the percentage of uptime higher is the value and trust over the company. Ipage has excellent records for the uptime test, with the company performing at an average of 99.97%. The best performance in uptime test by iPage has been hundred percent which is last seen on 17th of April and the worst performance has been 94.72%, which is not quite bad. The company also does not lack in communication as,... mehr anzeigen

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