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Queer Stories For Boys And Girls (fiscle part- 9)

User: silviya
Queer Stories For Boys And Girls (fiscle part- 9)

The Stories Here Reprinted include Nearly All Of Those Which I Have
Written For Children In a Vein That Entitles Them To Rank As "Queer
Stories," That Is, Stories Not Entirely Realistic In their Setting but
Appealing to The Fancy, Which Is So Marked a Trait Of The Minds Of Boys
And Girls. "Bobby And The Key-Hole" Appeared eight Or Nine Years Ago In
_St. Nicholas_, And Has Never Before Been Printed in book Form. The
Others Were Written Earlier For Juvenile Periodicals Of Wide Repute In
Their Time--Periodicals That Have Now Gone The Way Of Almost All Young
People'S Magazines, To The Land Of Forgetfulness. Although I Recall With
Pleasure The Fact That These Little Tales Enjoyed a Considerable
Popularity When They First Appeared, I Might Just As Well As Not Have
Called them "The Unlucky Stories."

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