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Fire From The Sky
Set during the Iraq/Iran war - a family caught in the conflict.
My entry for the END OF THE WORLD Contest.

war, missiles, fear, loss, end, world
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A big thank you to all of you for your kind comments and votes - very much appreciated!
Warmest regards,

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Wow, I must say that even thought it was very short, it was very gripping and emotional. Voted and loved it!

PS. I'm not sure if it just my browser but it seems like the first page is duplicated several times.

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My heart actually felt pain....The sad thing is that this actually happens. Great story!

Wichtiger Beitrag

This is a very moving portrait of reality, as opposed to what "might" happen, and it strikes home very painfully. You wrote the short account beautifully and it definitely deserves a vote. Sometimes less is more....and yours is definitely "more". Congratulations.

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such a great book!I LOVE IT!!! read my book please nobody is reading them anyone? THANKYOU if you do. it is called 'goodbye earth'

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This [very] short story is based on personal experience... all except the ending thankfully!
Regards to you both...

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My vote. Such powerful emotion in your writing.This was a good read about the end of this woman's world.Serena

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This "book" is very short, but it is packed with everything an end of the world story should have.
Your writing is smooth, engaging, and filled with lovely, terrifying images. My hat is off to you, Edith. Certainly a vote without reservation.

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