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The Chessmen Of Mars (Fiscle Part-I)

User: disha
The Chessmen Of Mars (Fiscle Part-I)
Tara Of Helium Rose From The Pile Of Silks And Soft Furs Upon
Which She Had Been Reclining, Stretched Her Lithe Body Languidly,
And Crossed Toward The Center Of The Room, Where, Above A Large
Table, A Bronze Disc Depended From The Low Ceiling. Her Carriage
Was That Of Health And Physical Perfection--The Effortless
Harmony Of Faultless Coordination. A Scarf Of Silken Gossamer
Crossing Over One Shoulder Was Wrapped About Her Body; Her Black
Hair Was Piled High Upon Her Head. With A Wooden Stick She Tapped
Upon The Bronze Disc, Lightly, And Presently The Summons Was
Answered By A Slave Girl, Who Entered, Smiling, To Be Greeted
Similarly By Her Mistress.

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