How I Survived My Husband's Writing

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I really enjoyed this story. Its interesting to see the point of view of an editor and the love she has for her husband. Support if the key. thank you.

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Dear Marian, you have a wonderful way with words, descriptive and entertaining.
You are obviously also a wonderful wife and mother with enormous patience and compassion.
You should have been a writer!

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Your complementarity in the realm of reading, writing and editing is a good lesson for this generation of TV and PC. Your story is very interesting and it sheds light on many issues an emerging writer can face. It also reminds parents that teaching KIDS to read books in this world of technological 'colonization' is the best investment one can make for the future...Thnx for sharing.

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I think you have a lot of good advice here. I agree with you that a way to become more proficient if you will is to start writing for friends. I started and stopped many times along the way. I bet you and your husband have some funny stories. I once burned up a printer because I was making a hard copy for the Library of Congress hehe. I did not know you could just send a floppy disc.

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The love you two share (which still hints of romance :)seems to have a richness that, I must admit, I envy.
How lucky you both are to have found partners in life, who share such deep passions in such a collaborative and supportive way.
This small book offers a ton of wonderful information for beginning (and not so 'beginning')writers, and I wish I had read it sooner. (That cover has been staring at me for a month. What is it... mehr anzeigen

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the story is inspiring and I learned a lot about the relationship of the author and his partner, as well as one's author's struggle to success. Thanks

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I enjoyed sharing a glimpse of the unique partnership that you and your husband enjoy with writing! Congratulations on your recent Award! I wish you both continued success in your writing endeavors! Jean K. Golding

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