The Search for Home

The Search for Home
Maycen Brays. A knew kid in the school for homeless, thrown away kids. Never before has he been around other kids living life alone.
Alissa Main. A low life reject. Fighting to fit in were its almost imposable. that is it was until Maycen arrived.

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You want to know if you're a writer, are you good enough to pursue your dreams. I think you've got the talent of being a story teller. This has many good leads that could become a terrific story. Now, master your chosen art form. Learn to be be an educated speller. Work on filling out more of the beginning of this story. In three chapters you have only written the bare bones of what this story could be. You had a great place... mehr anzeigen

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Earon, it's heaps and loads better than most of the stuff on Bookrix. You've got a good sound beginning and the flow of your writing is easy to read and enjoyable. Plus, I really liked it. If their had been more, I would still be reading :)
Write more! Good stuff.

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yeah ik my spelling sucks lol thank you!!! i ddnt really wanna get to far n2 it nd it not make since :-)

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The plot has potential and I would like to know more. You might want to get someone to proof your work for spelling and grammar but other than that I think this could become a very interesting story.

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