A Wanderer In Venice

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A Wanderer In Venice

For A Detailed Guide To Venice The Reader Must Go Elsewhere; All That I
Have Done Is Invariably To Mention Those Things That Have Most
Interested Me, And, In The Hope Of Being A Useful Companion, Often A Few
More. But My Chief Wish (As Always In This Series) Has Been To Create A

For The History Of Venice The Reader Must Also Go Elsewhere, Yet For The
Sake Of Clarity A Little History Has Found Its Way Even Into These
Pages. To Go To Venice Without First Knowing Her Story Is A Mistake, And
Doubly Foolish Because The City Has Been Peculiarly Fortunate In Her
Chroniclers And Eulogists. Mr. H.F. Brown Stands First Among The Living,
As Ruskin Among The Dead; But Ruskin Is For The Student Patient Under
Chastisement, Whereas Mr. Brown's Serenely Human Pages Are For All. Of
Mr. Howells' _Venetian Life_ I Have Spoken More Than Once In This Book;
Its Truth And Vivacity Are A Proof Of How Little The Central Venice Has
Altered, No Matter What Changes There May Have Been In Government Or
How Often Campanili Fall. The Late Col. Hugh Douglas's _Venice On Foot_,
If Conscientiously Followed, Is Such A Key To A Treasury Of Interest As
No Other City Has Ever Possessed. To Mrs. Audrey Richardson's _Doges Of
Venice_ I Am Greatly Indebted, And Herr Baedeker Has Been Here As
Elsewhere (In The Arab Idiom) My Father And My Mother.

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