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The Celestial Omnibus and Other Stories

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The Celestial Omnibus and Other Stories
E. M. Forster
Edward Morgan Forster OM, CH was an English novelist, short story writer, essayist and librettist. He is known best for his ironic and well-plotted novels examining class difference and hypocrisy in early 20th-century British society. Wikipedia
Born: January 1, 1879, Marylebone, United Kingdom
Died: June 7, 1970, Coventry, United Kingdom
Movies: A Room with a View, A Passage to India, Howards End, Maurice, Where Angels Fear to Tread, A Diary for Timothy
Parents: Alice Clara Whichelo, Edward Morgan Llewellyn Forster
Education: King's College, Cambridge, Tonbridge School, University of Cambridge
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A Passage to India (1924)
A Passage to India
Howards End (1910)
Howards End
A Room with a View (1908)
A Room with a View

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