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The Diary of a Provincial Lady (Annotated)

The Diary of a Provincial Lady (Annotated)
The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E. M. Delafield.
Original Illustrations Included.

This edition includes:
The Diary of a Provincial Lady
The Provincial Lady Goes Further
The Provincial Lady in Russia

A great classic of the national literature, Diary of a Provincial Lady first appeared in weekly instalments in Time and Tide, the feminist weekly. Some might find a contradiction that a book is both national and feminist. But this is the central mission of books and one of the reasons Diary (1930) is a title of choice for our readers.

Dryly, neatly, with decorum and with a certain excellence, this provincial English-woman lines up the small events of her days. Her anxieties and irritations, her pride in her children, her impatience with Robert—her inarticulate spouse-—and her bathed effort to eke stimulus from an unseasoned existence—these, lie bedded beneath the schooled restraint of her consciousness. She allows herself, neither temper temperament nor self-pity. Her weapon of compensation is her wit.

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