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Rescued! The Amazing Story of Gertie Agouti

Rescued! The Amazing Story of Gertie Agouti

   Born with deformed front legs, a baby agouti is left alone to fend for herself or die. Without the use of her front legs, the outlook is grim, until an unlikely heroine steps in and saves the day!

   In a heart-warming tale of compassion and acceptance, "Gertie" finds her place in the world.


'Rescued! The Amazing Story of Gertie Agouti' has been accepted into the Books 4 Kids Program.

The Books 4 Kids Program is a 501c3 non-profit corporation with a mission to build children’s character through books. B4K brings authors into the classroom – in person or through electronic conferencing.  The author reads from his or her book, answers student questions and leads a discussion of what was learned from the book. (Each book has a character-building message infused in the story.)

At the end of the discussion, each child receives his own copy of the book for free! (Thanks to generous donations from our program sponsors!)

The Books 4 Kids Program provides students with an exciting book event where every child can participate equally.  B4K events are about inclusion, character-building and fun. 

For more information, visit 


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PS Publishing

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Pax is a yellow Lab; Jasmine is a Montserratian cat who really thinks she’s a princess; Gertie is a Montserrat agouti who speaks Montserrat Creole dialect. And, of course, there’s Mom and Dad. They’re the human members of the family, the ones who walk on only two legs. Gertie is a rather special agouti. You see, agoutis are not usually very sociable... mehr anzeigen

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