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Pieces that Fits

Pieces that Fits
Ellery Rae Winters is a werewolf. Mated and pregnant but her mate left her before she discovered she is.

Being a mother in such a young age has a very big responsibility. So how is she coping?

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Please write more its amazaballs

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I beg add more ! Please !

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I will! :) Thanks for the support.. :D And I'm really sorry that the updates are scarce. It's just that my friend (who's writing this story) is not in the mood to write. It jut ends up like crap. And I don't know if I posted my chapter here. I did a couple of chapters and posted it on Wattpad. I don't know if I posted it here though. I'll check it out.

And yes, I will gladly message you if I posted a new chapter. :D

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