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Resisting the Billionaire Von:
The Drummond brothers. Identical twins, young, sexy and insanely rich.Melanie Hutchinson. Flight attendant. Struggling to get by from one day to the next.All she wants is a little happiness with the right guy and enough money to pay her mother's nursing home medical bills.All they want is her and they are willing to risk everything to get her; even their vast fortune of billions of dollars and their jet-set lifestyles.What happens when two equally determined and powerful men go head to head in a winner take all battle for only one woman? Trapped together on a desert island suddenly everything is up for grabs as the brothers and Melanie are teased beyond endurance in a crazy contest of love that threatens to leave no-one satisfied.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Resisting the Billionaire"
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Resisting the Billionaire
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