The Tower: The Valley of the Wolves

The Tower: The Valley of the Wolves

Dana, is a farmer young, is required by a mysterious Master and taken to the Tower in the remote Valley of the Wolves. Long ago, the tower was a brilliant high school wizardry, but today only three people live there. In addition to the Master himself and the cook, the only apprentice studying in the Tower is an elf booked with a dark past. But Dana has also own secrets. Next to it is always Kai, her best friend, her confidante, her protector ... a boy whom only she can see. While booted into the mysteries of the ancient magic of the Tower, Dana discovers that weighs place on an ancient curse ...

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Europe Middle Age"
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The Tower: The Valley of the Wolves
Mistery, Drama, Fiction, Magic, suspense, Romance
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