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Christianity – The Untold Tragedy

A Picture of Historiography as a Conspiracy of Ignorance Von:
User: DocLandau
Christianity – The Untold Tragedy
Is it allowed to argue that the legendary “freedom of teaching and research” seems to be purely theoretical and in fact one should better speak of “the dictatorship of the professorate”? Or is this a problem of intellectual nature? Is the ignorance of our elite in (journalism and) academia owed to their (innocent, God-given) mental immaturity?

It took me only a few visites to the State Archive (Staatsarchiv) in Hamburg to realize that there had taken place an impressive revolutionary overthrow in ownership. The documents reveal that up until the 19th century communal and communitarian (Christian) foundations appear to have been the most important property owners. (Real estate and capital)

Looking at this contradiction of the reality (of the files of the Staatsarchiv) with the authoritarian-omniscient teaching of the historians at schools and colleges we are surprised to see that our true history and especially the role and function of Christianity was obviously wilful falsificated in a brutal and misleading way. And replaced with a beautiful dramatic fiction (!) in which everything began with Luther nailing his paper to the church door of Wittenberg. In fact everything began with the communitarian co-operatives “in honor of God” that the foundations indeed were. And it began to find its end with the egoism ot the social elite.

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