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Powerful Prayer Bullets to subdue Demons and be Victorious

Powerful Prayer Bullets to subdue Demons and be Victorious

Praying prayers that the Devil cannot withstand is not difficult as you think. There are certain things you have to do in order to pray prayers that the Devil will Bow.

Do you belong to the following category of people?

Are you confused with life to the point that you prefer to end it all?

Are you having a problem in your marriage?

Is your business going down the drain and you could not explain the reasons?

Have you been pursuing contracts but no result at all?

Are you always unlucky in everything you lay your hands on?

Have you prayed and fasted over some problems, yet no solution

Are you aged 40 years and above and no one is approaching you for marriage?

Are you looking for the fruit of the womb?

Is your passion for God going down?

Are you living in fear and you are frustrated with life?

Are you not at peace?

Are you experiencing an urge to quite an assignment?

Are you tired of your present job and you are thinking of quitting for no reason?

And so on, then you are being chained by the Evil forces; so, you need to pray powerful prayers that will make the Devil flee.


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