No Situation is beyond the Almighty

Allow God to Fight Your Battles Von:
No Situation is beyond the Almighty

God Almighty has given us everything to fight the Devil and His Angels. It is unfortunate that most Christians do not know how to fight and Defeat the Devil by following Gods standard. They don’t know how to have close contact with God who can conquer their Battles for them.


This book will teach you how to lean on God's Power. You will be able to put your fear aside and develop a good working relationship with God. Be confident that No Situation is Beyond the Almighty God. Allow Him to fight your Battles for You. The question is how do I let God fight my Battles? Find out the Answers in this book

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Dr. Olusola Coker

The blessing God has given us is always around us but we are blind to see it. God wants you to prosper, God is the creator of the universe, He wants you to prosper and so he said be fruitful and multiply.

God wants you to shine. When w say Abraham's blessings are mine, we declare that we are stars of heaven.

God desires your fulfillment. In all things, God has given wisdom and understanding that will shape your destiny make... mehr anzeigen

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