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How And When To Be Your Own Doctor (fiscle part-I)

User: disha
How And When To Be Your Own Doctor (fiscle part-I)
From The Hygienic Dictionary

Doctors. [1] In the Matter Of Disease And Healing, The People Have
Been Treated as Serfs. The Doctor Is A Dictator Who Knows It All,
And The People Are Stupid, Dumb, Driven Cattle, Fit For Nothing
Except To Be Herded together, Bucked and Gagged when Necessary To
Force Medical Opinion Down Their Throats Or Under Their Skins. I
Found That Professional Dignity Was More Often Pomposity, Sordid
Bigotry And Gilded ignorance. The Average Physician Is A
Fear-Monger, If He Is Anything. He Goes About Like A Roaring lion,
Seeking whom He May Scare To Death. _Dr. John. H. Tilden, Impaired
Health: Its Cause And Cure, Vol. 1, 1921._ [2] Today We Are Not Only
In The Nuclear Age But Also The Antibiotic Age. Unhappily, Too, This
Is The Dark Age Of Medicine--An Age In which Many Of My Colleagues,
When Confronted with A Patient, Consult A Volume Which Rivals The
Manhattan Telephone Directory In size.

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