untimely death is not my portion

Powerful Midnight Prayers Against the Spirit of Premature Death Von:
untimely death is not my portion

A lot of people died before their time and some people stay longer than necessary.  There are so many things that are responsible for some Christians dying succeedingly. Christians are not surpassed to die young. In this book, we are going to explain the reasons why Some Christians die before their time and what they should do to avoid it.  Are you a Christian and you are not

  1. Managing your blood pressure and measuring it regularly if you are hypertensive?
  2. Managing your diabetic and checking your blood sugar if you are a diabetic patient.
  3. A drug addict despite several warnings by your Doctors, Pastors, Your family, and friends
  4. Engaging in immorality, sex outside marriage, etc
  5. Homosexual, Bi-sexual, etc
  6. Drinking too much of Alcohol and other related drinks.
  7. having enough rest

You need to avoid all the above if you want to live long. In this book, I will examine other causes of premature death mostly caused by Satan and His Angels.









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