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Impact of risk factors and techniques in lean manufacturing

Impact of risk factors and techniques in lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is defined as efficient approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non–value add activities) through regular improvement flowing the product in the pull of the customer in reach of perfection. Lean manufacturing  is  often simply "lean", is a systematical method for the leave out of waste ("Muda") within a manufacturing system. Lean also takes into account waste created through overwhelm ("Muri") and waste created through imperfection in workloads ("Mura"). Working from the angle of the client who consumes a product, "value" is any action or process that a customer want to pay for. “ To solve the problem of waste, Lean Manufacturing has number of tools at its disposal. These include continuous process improvement the ‘5 Ways’ and mistake-proofing. Thus it can be seen as taking a very similar approach to other improvement procedure.”

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