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Contemporary International Relations (CIR Series-1)

User: abdulruff
Contemporary International Relations (CIR Series-1)

Contemporary International Relations (CIR Series) consists of several parts of books on international relations and this is the first one.. The book contains most articles on contemporary world affairs published in intentional portals in January-July 2016 dealing with current issues.  The book deals with most important players of international politics, viz., United States of America or USA, Europe,   Russia and China. It has articles on issues in Middle East, especially revolving around the problems of Palestine state formation. Political and social developments in South Asia form the subject chapters. 


The book provides a new insight into the problems of the world with a novel and hitherto unseen ideological orientation.  American unilateralism, for instance, is stressed in the first chapter, delineating the problems the world and humanity face on account of its arrogance.  Israeli criminal mentality and the support it receives from the western powers are stressed.  Fast growth of corporate wealth and nuke agents in India and politics of India and other South Asian nations are discussed. 


The book is meant for advanced students, researcher scholars and senior teachers in politics as it   offers an in-depth and critical analysis of current world political scene.  

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9,99 US$
China, Palestine, Kashmir, India, USA, EU, Russia
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