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Memory of the Yellow Scent

Memory of the Yellow Scent
A short story focusing on a man remembering a certain childhood moment between he and his grandmother.

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""The show must go on""?

you didn't need the second sentence. those ""national democratic"" issues,
with the exception of pelosi(??), are real issues as well just not the ones
that are important when speaking with people that have immediate life and
death issues that cannot and should not wait. BTW, the republican tax cuts are
classic trickle down and not relief for the middle and working classes. they
do something great for the... mehr anzeigen

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short horror stories on a TV show I used to watch. Quick, to the point. I liked this story, it had a great creep factor.

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I would have used "awkward embrace" - using an inappropriate word stops the reader for a second...and you don't want to do that.

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Thanks! I was definitely going for an eerie mood. "Stilted embrace" sounded so surreal to me that I couldn't resist using it. Hehe.

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Oooh, that was spooky, but well done. Two minor things that caught my eye. Use the word "cast" rather than "casted". Also, a "stilted embrace" doesn't read quite right. I would use stilted in connection with speech, rather than an embrace. Perhaps another word would work better. But still, a nice piece of work indeed.

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