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Eye of the Whale

Eye of the Whale
In Eye of the Whale, Elizabeth McKay is a dedicated scientist who has spent almost a decade cracking the code of humpback whale communication. Their song, the most complex in nature, may in fact reveal secrets about the animal world that no one could have imagined. When a humpback whale swims up the Sacramento River with a strange and unprecedented song, Elizabeth must decipher its meaning in order to save the whale. But as her work with the whale captures the media’s interest and the world’s imagination, many powerful forces emerge who do not want the whale’s secrets to be revealed. Soon, Elizabeth is forced to decide if her discoveries are worth losing her marriage, her career, and possibly her life over.

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I love Whales but was not sure this was something that would capture my interest. This book is fantastic! Very incredible story, kept me captivated all the way to the end. I hope to see this as a movie one day, hopefully it will open some eyes. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and family. Thank you very much.

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I needed tissues in the very early chapters but it's worth persevering with. I loved the book.

Wichtiger Beitrag

This eco-thriller was probably my favorite read of 2010. I highly recommend it!

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