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Stories for Fun

Stories for Fun

Stories for Fun is a collection of five short stories. In the first story, ‘Like Father, Like Son’, EGO and ARROGANCE destroy the relationship of two brothers. They exhibit bad examples to their sons. 

The story ‘Egg and Hen’ portrays both the characters as self-centered. They want to know who came first.

‘Ideal Boy’ is a story that portrays the character of an ideal boy. God rewards him for his refined disposition and traits.

In the story ‘Porcupine and Elephant,’ the elephant tries to prove that he is the most ferocious of the king of the jungle, but find out what the porcupine does.

The last story ‘Why Doves Coo?’ is all about the doves; the family dies at the hands of a wretched man, except for the youngest daughter dove. Her reaction gives a great message to us.

Each story is between 200 and 700 words long.

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