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A Holiday in Australia's Gold Coast

A Holiday in Australia's Gold Coast

This short story belongs to the genre of suspense. It’s about three girls, who decide to go to the Gold Coast in Sydney to spend their winter holiday. At first everything seems to go fine after their arrival. Three youngsters; Jennifer, Ebony and Abigail spend their days on the beach surfing, swimming and shopping. Later, a series of odd things begin to happen. Starting with the disappearance of Ebony’s valet, when the three girls are in a night club. The events end up in a violent attack on one of the surfer boys. Then the last drop in their horror holiday, is the disappearance of Jennifer from a night club. There somebody puts knockout drops into her cocktail after which, she mysteriously disappears from among her friends. Then the others make a crime announcement to the police about her disappearance. The police begin to investigate their new case.
Soon, Jennifer’s fate is nearly going to be repeated for Ebony, since a world's most dangerous spider is brought to her hotel room by an unknown person. This occurs two days after Jennifer’s kidnapping. This time, Ebony’s life is saved by one of her male friends. This hasn’t yet prevented the danger that threatens their lives. Will Ebony and Abigail be able to avoid the enemies, who are chasing them and the boys? Are they ever going to get Jennifer back as a part of their group?

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