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Myths Of Babylonia And Assyria

User: silviya
Myths Of Babylonia And Assyria
Babylonia May Be Regarded As The Gift Of The Tigris And
Euphrates--Those Great Shifting And Flooding Rivers Which For Long
Ages Had Been Carrying Down From The Armenian Highlands Vast
Quantities Of Mud To Thrust Back The Waters Of The Persian Gulf And
Form A Country Capable Of Being Utilized For Human Habitation. The
Most Typical Babylonian Deity Was Ea, The God Of The Fertilizing And
Creative Waters.

He Was Depicted Clad In The Skin Of A Fish, As Gods In Other
Geographical Areas Were Depicted Wearing The Skins Of Animals Which
Were Regarded As Ancestors, Or Hostile Demons That Had To Be
Propitiated. Originally Ea Appears To Have Been A Fish--The
Incarnation Of The Spirit Of, Or Life Principle In, The Euphrates
River. His Centre Of Worship Was At Eridu, An Ancient Seaport, Where
Apparently The Prehistoric Babylonians (The Sumerians) First Began To
Utilize The Dried-Up Beds Of Shifting Streams To Irrigate The Soil.
One Of The Several Creation Myths Is Reminiscent Of Those Early
Experiences Which Produced Early Local Beliefs:

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