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Non-Smoker - there you go!

A psychological program and a hypnosis Von:
User: Sonja
Non-Smoker - there you go!

“It's easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it a thousand times.”

Mark Twain

You've tried several times to quit smoking? You don't know how you can do it? You are concerned about your health? You’ve just had enough? You think you are a difficult case?


In this book you will discover different causes! You will find causes for your urge to smoke and you will find causes for your failures so far. These causes also apply to smokers that haven't even started to try to become non-smokers yet.


My goal is that you will be able to “construct” your own smoking withdrawal course with the help of this book. So that you can help yourself in case you have been too scared to come to a course or you actually can't afford to attend one.


Many of my participants see, that with the fully realised decision of being a “non-smoker” becomes an incentive for more decisions, as they gain new spirit as well as utilizing the positive experience of the success.

You can do it too!




I wish you all the success and congratulate you to your decision to be a non-smoker for the time being or even forever!

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