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More Eggs,

Different Basket Von:
More Eggs,

Following on from the success of 'All My Eggs in One Basket', Dimpra Kaleem now brings you twelve more stories of love, laughter, sorrow and sadness.


From beautifully woven tales of love from afar to disturbing and misleading horror, Dimpra Kaleem takes you on a journey that plays with your senses and toys with your emotions.

So sit back, get comfortable and enjoy twelve more eggs, in a different basket. 





  'This is is the latest collection from one of my favorite writers, Dimpra Kaleem, of New Zealand. I especially like 'Broken Images'. It's bit fantasy, a bit memory and reality, and a simple beautiful love story about two very different people who find acceptance in one another. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

Julie Larsen.


  'You know what? I'm going to say it. Dimpra Kaleem has a masterful way with words. Dude writes smooooth. He dances with your mind. And it is a serene, playful dance, rich and engaging.

As a writer I sometimes find it hard to just 'read'. I quiet often find myself analyzing the text, learning from it, or picking it apart.
Not here'

Mark Taylor .

Independent Author / Reviewer.


  'I really enjoyed these interesting short stories that covered a variety of topics. The author has a great writing style and a way to keep the readers turning page after page as each short story unfolds. I really enjoyed the ones that involved time and recommend them to readers who like a good story with that added twist that makes the tale worth while'.

PS Winn.

Independent Author / Reviewer.



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love, fantasy, hope, time travel
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