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The Horsemen Tetralogy Part One Von:

From salvation to damnation.

When an act of desperation leads to a demonic deal, one man must pay the price of his arrogance.

The Horsemen are being assembled - renewed and renamed.

Grief, Fury, Hatred and Lust.

Each with a story to tell. 


Following the success of 'All my eggs in one basket' Dimpra Kaleem now brings you the first part in

The Horsemen Tetralogy - 'GRIEF'


"My hand went over my mouth. I really was compelled to read it and was sorry that it ended. This is one of those stories, that you don't want to end"

Ogni Momento.

First Review.


 "I am extremely happy to find that there are still authors out there who can write spell binding prose and tell significant stories. Dimpra is certainly near the top of that list if not on top of it.  Wonderful"

Ken Frinton.

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1,99 US$
Fantasy, Heaven, Hell, Salvation
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