Free ACE

A sweet tale of ACE Von:
Free ACE
This is the first hand poetry book written in the sweet tale of an alter ego, named Ace.Didier Antoine uses his ideas of politics,social experiences and native tradition to write and express his poems.Inspired by the famous work of AI the poet.Ace finds himself to be in the mixed of a matrix society where everyone is controlled into moving at one direction.Ace is a opened and enlightened heart who seek to learn in his spear time.This book shows views and points of Didier Antoine and the ways in which he sees society, he calls his methods "basic fundamentals". He carries each topic from here to there so be on the stands for his standardization on the world and how it works.Something different to think at the age of 17.

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This is a book of intensity. I wish everyone would write a book at 17 and then write another at 25 and see the difference in the two intensities.

Some people will be upset by the vantage in the poems because it is straight forward, male, young; and those of us who have children will wince a bit and say, "Oh lord, I came so close to getting out of control at 17 and getting into trouble--can this writer dodge that... mehr anzeigen

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