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Jokes From C (BJ's Life #4)

Jokes From C (BJ's Life #4)

So holidays are comming it's time to zip it up... to put some jokes in the pocket... to prepare the christmas tree.... the presents.... and to fix the weather... But it's kinda troubling.


We can't fix the weather... but we can ge the other fex things... tree... presents... and even food. So guys have a great  holiday!

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "BJ's Life"
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sugar loaf, ny

Can I be your friend? Anyone who is so humane to carry a plastic bag to pick
up dead animals so they don’t get run over again, is my hero.

This is what I mean. Let’s just start a Humane Party. You can lead the way!
Thank you for your post. The best I’ve read, and most heartfelt. Run for
President! Got my vote.


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