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Jokes From B (BJ's Life #2)

Jokes From B (BJ's Life #2)

This is Life of a BJ... now it starts a whole new chapter... Jokes from B... nothing more than a new space which is going to get fucked in and out.



It's time to push all limits!

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "BJ's Life"
hatred, jokes, comedy, arrogance
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Grand Island, NE

There are a series of railroad bridges near where I live that have been in
continuous use since they were constructed in 1833 when locomotives weighed
12,500 pounds. They now weigh 450,000 pounds. I asked an engineer how it was
possible, and he replied, ""they did not have finite element analysis.""

Everything used to be worth overbuilding. Now the bare minimum is the
standard, and if some part of the equation is... mehr anzeigen

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Columbus, Ohio

This is more a thought-provoking article than one that impels commentary. This
is what good writing is supposed to do.

I’ve been a back-slider too long and my assessment of morality has slipped a
little. I need reminding: Isn’t the rest of the phrase “Worthy is the lamb
that is slain?”
Before I retreat to the Abby to renew my soul, I have to ask: Are you
suggesting that Mr. Lamb sacrifice himself for the relative... mehr anzeigen

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