Southern Charm

Southern Charm
Catherine Hale is on the run from her big shot husband-or rather- soon to be big shot ex-husband. Having no family left, she has to learn to rely on herself as she dashes across the country to find the peace she so desperately needs. The only problem is the bad boy hunk in town, Conner Bradon, has absolutely no intention of letting her have the peace she craves.But is it really peace Cat is craving or could it be true love?

Not finish, I'm still working on it:)

Southern charm, love, revenge
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haha thanks kaitey :D
I just came from a family vacation so i havnt been in awhile but I'll try to get some up soon. Thanks again :D <3

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Nina Kari

I have to say I like what you have so far. Since it is the beginning I'd have to agree with the comments below that maybe reading aloud would help a bit. There weren't many mistakes that hindered me from reading but reading aloud would help fix those. For example on the first page it was "her" instead of "here" but nothing that prevented me from understanding what you meant.
Also, add a bit of information to the characters.... mehr anzeigen

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The direction is good and I can start to feel that Catherine will soon start making life changing decisions. Keep it up and let me know when you get more done.


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