Dating Guide for Ladies: Relationship & Marriage Counseling Book

Dating Guide for Ladies: Relationship & Marriage Counseling Book

Below are some dating and marriage issues that are discussed in this ebook


The qualities in a lady that can attract a man to approach her for real marriage. Men develop interest in marrying a lady due to some qualities or a quality in that lady. Do you possess those qualities? Find out in this ebook.


Are you one of those ladies who don’t want to end up marrying a wife-beater? You may not want to be a punching bag in the hands of your husband. Find out those kinds of men who beat their wives.


Mothers-in-law problem in marriage. If you find yourself in this situation, how would you cope? Find out why some mothers-in-law can be wicked to their daughters-in-law and how to cope with the wicked ones.


Men who get their girl friends pregnant and abandon them. How do you know these kinds of men? You would not want to become a frustrated single mother.


You have reached marriageable age for long but you can’t get husband. What are the causes of this problem? And how do you get husband fast despite your age?


Men who deceive ladies by proposing marriage to them. How would you know these kinds of men as they are everywhere. After they promise you marriage, they will be having sex with you and if you become pregnant, they will abandon you.


The tricks that you can use to get the phone numbers of any man you like. You will also learn how you can use the phone numbers of the man to work on him and get him to start a relationship with you or marry you.



Many men hide their ugly characters from you during relationship. If your relationship later ends in marriage, you would be surprised to be noticing strange characters that you may not like. The tips on how you can know the characters of your man even if he is hiding them from you during dating are available for you in the ebook.


Don’t want your husband to cheat on you in your marriage? Learn what you should do to prevent this. How do you cope even if your husband is already cheating on you in your marriage? Find out.


Are you a single mother lady already? You are not sure if a man can still marry you again. Find out how you can package and prepare yourself and still get married again to a responsible man.


A lot of men dupe their ladies in relationships. You don’t want a man to dupe you during a relationship. Find out how you can prevent this.


Your fiancé wants you to get pregnant for him first before he can go ahead and marry you. Should you agree or disagree to this request? Find out.


Should you agree for a man who wants to have sex with you first before he goes into relationship with you? Learn how you can go about this request.


Are you interested in knowing if your husband is secretly womanising outside your marriage? The signs that you can use to know are available.


You don’t want to make mistake and marry a wrong man in your life? When you marry a wrong man, you will never be happy in your marriage.

Find out how you can prevent this.


A lot of marriages have ended up in divorce. This can never be your wish. Learn the causes of divorce after marriage and how to prevent them.


Pretender lover men in relationships. These types of men would pretend to love you in order to benefit certain things from you and dump you at last. Find out if the man who is in a relationship with you really loves you from his heart.


Issues that can make a man who loves you in relationship to suddenly stop loving you. Learn how you can prevent this from happening to you as this would lead to relationship breakup which would not make you happy.

Dating Guide for Ladies: Relationship & Marriage Counseling Book has discussed all the dating and marriage issues highlighted above and many other issues

Do you want to date or get married? This book is for you. Below are the three reasons why men date ladies  

(1) Marriage: A man can go into a relationship with you because he is planning to marry you.

(2) Sex: A man can go into a relationship with you because he just wants to have or be having sex with you until he is satisfied. If the relationship is for sex, the man will never marry you and if you get pregnant along the line, he will abandon you or request you to abort it.

(3) Duping: A man can go into relationship with you in order to dupe you and dumps you if you are financially okay. Here, you lose your money and lose the man.



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